Saturday, April 01, 2006

Online Design Course

Recently heard about a free online landscape design course being offered by Barnes and Noble University. Designing Your Own Garden begins on April 3.

The text, Your House, Your Garden: A Foolproof Approach to Garden Design is by Gordon Hayward, one of my favorite authors. The instructor is Becke Davis, who is also a garden writer.

Update: The course isn't so much about "designing Your Garden," it's more like "designing garden beds." I'd like to learn more about drawing visitors into the garden, creating destinations and framing views, but it won't be in this course. Back to the books.


Blogger Treethyme said...

Hi - one of my friends came across your webite while googling me and forwarded it to me. I teach two courses on and it sounds like the advanced course, A Home in the Garden, would have been more helpful to you. They are running my "beginngers" course -- the one you checked out -- again in July but I don't know when they advanced class will run again.

Let me know if you need specific advice about anything with your garden - I'd be glad to help. Also, I can recommend books on landscape design if that would help. There are limitations with an online course, although it has become somewhat better since people can now post pictures of their landscapes and problem sites. Good luck!

Becke Davis

June 12, 2006  

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