Sunday, April 23, 2006

Shopping Spree

Saturday Morning:

I'm about to head out to the nurseries with a pal who has as much trouble as I do resisting plants. Before I go, I want to think about what I really want to buy, and why I want it.

I'll be looking for a couple of trees and shrubs, because there are several areas in the yard that need to be developed, so I've got a rationale for buying a few things for these areas.

My street-side garden has lots of space because I removed a Crambe cordifolia after one season. It was fantastic, but too loud and large for the site. There is also a very big Lonicera fragranissima (winter honeysuckle) there that needs to be moved, making more space. That bed has peonies, Fairy roses, pink gaura, blue mist shrub (caryopteris), yellow Alyssum, and a row of boxwood that's still too small to be considered a hedge.

Our home is in a downtown area, and the yard is small, bordered along the back by a stockade fence. I'm looking for tall, narrow shrubs and small trees to increase our privacy and to obscure the sight of the fence; hollies planted along it have never gotten tall enough, New Dawn roses and Magnolia virginiana are also growing there but are too easy to see through. So, I'll be carting my Taylors Guide to Shrubs and T.G. to Trees around with me, looking for the perfect 12' fastigate or columnar plant.

Saturday Night:

Funny rereading my morning's thoughts.

What I planned to buy was: Not Much.

What I bought was: Two or three each of Lavender grosso, Tiny Leaf curry plant, basil, Phlox maculata Natascha, Rosemary Tuscan Blue, Thyme: pink, red, and silver-edged, Corsican mint, Helen von Stein lamb's ears, lovage, basil, Salvia guaranitica Black and Blue, phlox, red valerian, and bergenia.


Blogger Kathy said...

I never heard of Black and Blue thyme. But I grew Salvia (sage) Black and Blue last year. Loved your Objects of Deisre post. Welcome to blogland.

April 24, 2006  

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